The Best Percussion Muscle Massage Gun

The Best Percussion Muscle Massage Gun

September 16, 2021

We are going to explain the characteristics of this sports recovery instrument so that you can make the right decision. The massage gun effectively reaches the deepest muscles. A product that will save your time, money, and energy.

What are muscle massage guns?

These electric massagers have earned a good reputation for being able to reach the deep fibers of the muscle, something that is very difficult with manual therapies.

The muscle massage guns are based on percussion therapy, which consists of generating many small vertical strokes and a specific frequency of scrimmage. This generates a vibration that reaches the deepest fibers of the muscle.

What are the advantages of the massage gun?

Immediate effect

The massage gun has two main characteristics: frequency (40 vibrations per second) and power to help you relax your muscles, improve circulation, and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid. Furthermore, it is the ideal tool for coaches, athletes, chiropractors, and physical therapists in search of the most effective massage.

Muscle relaxation

The massage gun has different heads to relax the muscles and improve circulation after exercise. The vibrations help to relax the different layers of muscles.

Pain relief

Vibrating massage has been recommended by Ohio Medical University as the best way to relieve muscle pain without resorting to medication. The muscle massage gun relieves pain from the affected areas. The high-frequency waves are concentrated in the desired areas, speeding up the recovery of muscle tissue. This improves blood flow, eliminates pain and improves mobility.

The Concept of the Massage Gun = Percussion Therapy

The science behind percussion therapy is simple and based on control theory. This theory stipulates that painless external stimuli (vibrations in this case) can suppress the sensation of pain. It is like "tricking" our nervous system. David Reavy, a physical therapist, says: "When a person receives a massage or uses a massager, it is not possible to get to the area efficientlyHe adds: "The vibration is so fast that you don't feel the pain and the muscle relaxes." This is how Percussion Therapy works. It is nothing new and NASA astronauts have been using it for years to stop bone deterioration.

The massage gun uses a frequency of less than 3,200 vibrations/minute, with its head oscillating about 30/40 times per second. With the combination of vibration and head movement, it forces muscles to relax while reaching deeper tissue.


The steps to follow to use the massage gun are very simple. Place the head in the areas to be treated (men, neck, back, etc.), pull the trigger, hold it for 10-30 seconds, or one minute. 15 minutes should suffice for a full-body session.

Integrate the massage gun into your sports routine:

Adding the use of the massage gun to your routine is easy. Use it before, after, or during exercise.

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Everyfun: the ultimate muscle massage

The massage muscle recovery is key to every athlete and person to train or practice regular exercise. Also for those who have suffered some type of muscle injury. Being aware of developments in this regard allows you to take advantage of technological advances in the field for a better recovery and greater well-being. Everyfun Muscle Massage Gun is an innovative muscle stimulator you should know.

This muscle stimulator provides the benefits of percussion massage. Everyfun is an innovative, easy-to-use device that is succeeding worldwide for its effectiveness in recovery and pain relief. And that it can be used both by athletes and people with muscle aches and professionals in the massage and physical therapy.

What is percussion massage?

Percussion massage is a type of massage that consists of the combination of stimulating and relaxing movements applied to the muscles. These movements are precise, rhythmic, and energetic tapping. The cadence, pressure, rhythm, and repetitions vary according to the user's needs and the depth of the muscles that need to be recovered.

Traditionally, this type of massage has been done by hand by physical therapists. However, with the percussion massage gun, the effectiveness is multiplied. With the added advantage that you can use it anytime, anywhere if you need it. Depending on the area of ​​the body where you need it, you can get the massage yourself. Or you can use the muscle massager to provide its benefits to another person.

This type of massage can be performed for recovery purposes to treat pain areas or to improve performance in training.

Percussion massage benefits

  • Increases and improves muscle tone.
  • Streamlines recovery from soft tissue injuries.
  • It intensifies the flow of arterial blood and oxygen to the tissue on which the massage is given, improving circulation and muscle oxygenation.
  • Improves the nutrition of the tissue for greater care and faster recovery.
  • Improves mobility in the joints.
  • Increases the excitability of the central nervous system.
  • It stimulates the autonomic nervous system.
  • It stimulates the reabsorption of fluids.
  • It improves the function of the vascular and secretory nerves.
  • Eliminate catabolites.
  • Increases blood oxygen levels and facilitates venous return.
  • It relieves pain through its action on the nervous system.
  • Releases histamine and acetylcholine and thus cause pain relief seeking greater relaxation and well-being.
  • Relieves muscle tension and stress.
  • Improves immune function.
  • Energizes the body.

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Everyfun VS Muscle Massage Gun Manual Muscle Recovery Massage

The use of Everyfun muscle stimulator offers great advantages over traditional manual muscle massage, although they are not at odds and you can combine both in your recovery.

One of the main advantages of the muscle massage gun is its maximum effectiveness. It is designed to provide a massage that multiplies the effectiveness compared to the manual. This makes recovery key to accelerate recovery and provide greater relief and well-being.

Another important advantage is that you can use it at home or in the gym, without having to go to a massage professional. Its ease of use and effectiveness guarantee it. Any athlete can have a muscle massage gun and use it when they need it, whatever the time and in the place that suits them. This not only gives you tremendous wearing comfort but also tremendous savings in the medium and long term.

The personal experience that motivated the development of the percussion massage gun

The percussion massage gun is an invention of a chiropractor, Dr. Jason Wersland . In 2007, Wersland suffered a motorcycle accident that caused him a serious injury. Percussion therapy relieved his pain and seeking maximum efficiency he designed and created what today is the Theragun muscle massager.

Based on his professional knowledge and experience, as well as his experience as a patient, he developed the technology available today in this device that allows the maximum optimization of each massage session, which is why it achieves great effectiveness in muscle recovery and pain relief.

Everyfun Muscle Massager Features

Knowing the technology of this percussion muscle massage gun and the characteristics of the machine allows us to better understand how it works. And, therefore, how powerful and effective it is as a device for muscle recovery.

  1. It has a scientifically calibrated Japanese engine. This allows the precision and percussion speed necessary for an effective massage. Thus, speed recovery, improve performance, and relieve muscle pain.
  2. Designed to allow both deep and superficial work, according to the user's need.
  3. Patented 16mm width for greater muscle relief, maximum pain reduction, and a wider range of motion.
  4. It has a patented gearbox designed and manufactured to provide maximum effectiveness and reliability.
  5. Very quiet device to be able to use in any environment with the highest comfort. The noise generated has been reduced by 50% compared to the first devices of the brand.
  6. High-quality industrial motor designed for both personal use and maximum reliability for continued professional use.
  7. Targeted Treatment for Every Muscle Work on the specific muscle or muscle group you want to soothe or recover.
  8. It has a wide variety of accessories made of antimicrobial material, each of which has been designed to provide each muscle group with the specific work and relief they need.
  9. Designed to facilitate sliding on skin and clothing for maximum wearing comfort.
  10. Thanks to its two speeds, ergonomics of design and adjustable arm it allows to provide at all times the type of precise muscle recovery massage with customizable movements and angles.
  11. It is a valid device both as a massager for self-massage and for professional use.
  12. It has a powerful battery and high capacity Lithium-ion that allows great autonomy. This allows you to comfortably take it to your workouts, trips or competitions to use when and where it best suits you. And it facilitates its continued professional use both in the cabinet or gym and to carry and use at home or anywhere you are interested in.

 Everyfun Muscle Massage Gun Models

The pistol muscle massager that provides the benefits of percussion massage currently has 2 different models on the market. All of them are for sale and you can buy them with the advantages and after-sales service that we offer all our devices.


Convenient, portable, and travel-friendly - With its easy-to-carry hard case, you can effortlessly bring this hand massager when you need to work long hours at the office or even when you are traveling to your favorite vacation destination. They are lightweight and compact making it easy for you to bring this along when you travel! Carry the kit during the workout and relieve muscle stress right after your exercise!

Easy to use with an adjustable speed- Choose from its 5-speed adjustment system and ease your muscles for the activity ahead. Speed 1 is used to wake up your muscles, while speed 2 is for fascia release. Choose speed 3 to eliminate lactic acid or speed 4 for a deep tissue massage. If you need to relax after an extreme muscle activity, choose speed 5 for muscle recovery.

Targets different muscle and body areas - This vibration massager is equipped with 4 different massage heads. Each massage head is designed for different parts of the body; the fork massage head is designed for the spine; the flathead, for any part of the body; bullet one, for your joints while the round head is used for a large muscle group.

Made from high-quality material – Made from aluminum alloy, this massager is designed to last you a long time. It also comes with a built-in protection system that automatically stops the massager after 10 minutes of continued use. Its high-frequency motor runs at high speed but with low noise.

Rechargeable with long battery life –Its built-in rechargeable lithium battery can last you 300 minutes of battery life! Use them for 10 minutes every day and the charged battery can last you for the whole month! Take this along with you when you go camping, hiking, or anywhere that does not have a power source and you can still use the massager to relax your muscles!

If you are an athlete or a professional in the massage and physical therapy, the Everyfun Muscle Massage Gun is the muscle stimulator you need. This is designed and manufactured to provide maximum efficiency, comfort, and reliability for either personal or professional use. Its innovative technology allows you to take advantage of the benefits of percussion massage through the appropriate muscle recovery massage for each user, with ease and comfort of use.

Buy your Everyfun pistol now to improve your sports performance and recover your muscles quickly and efficiently to achieve greater well-being!

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