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May 18, 2020

Massage Tools And Our Daily Physical Exercise

Massage tools are an optimal complement to muscle pain caused by excessive activity or daily inactivity. In the absence of a physical therapist, muscle massagers help us recover from possible injuries. 

A probability that has undoubtedly increased after eight weeks of confinement. Our lifestyle habits have changed radically and the drastic reduction in physical activity is serious damage to our health.

Both those who have teleworked daily from home, perhaps without the ergonomic guarantees that the law establishes in the offices, as well as all young people, adults, and the elderly ( whether they are athletes or not) who have neglected their sports and physical practices during the COVID crisis -19, has suffered muscle pain in the back, lumbar, neck, and shoulders. In fact, according to the Association of Physiotherapists, only 5% of the population between 25 and 64 is free of this pathology, which up to 20% can be chronic.

Attempts to keep the body musculature strengthened with exercises at home are not enough compared to our usual routine. Similarly, running on the street with too much momentum after weeks of almost no activity can cause musculoskeletal pain.

With the current delay in health care, we cannot go to our physical therapist easily, so the use of heat and/or electric massagers is great support. Not only while recovering normality, having one on hand always brings multiple benefits. In the following guide, we give you the keys that make this product essential for our health and we show you the massagers on the market that offer greater benefits, suitable for all types of pockets and needs.


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What Do We Know About Muscle Massagers? 

  • What is a muscle massager? It is an electrical device that, through vibration, rotation of rollers, and heat, exerts a calming and stimulating effect on parts of the body affected by tension or pain.
  • How does it work? The heat produces a dilation of the blood vessels, thus facilitating the circulation of the blood and accelerating the recovery since it improves the oxygenation of the blood. The massage that imitates the traditional finger pressure stimulates muscular action, so it also improves lymphatic and venous circulation. Besides, it relieves muscle fatigue, due to excessive exercise, bad postures, stress ... and relaxes.
  • When to use it? In cases of pain, tension, or slight contractures it is recommended to set a pleasant temperature, between 34 and 36 degrees, without burning. It depends on the sensitivity of the skin, but most massagers are designed not to burn. We must not exceed 20 minutes in the application.
  • Where to use it? Muscle massagers are not a substitute for medical treatment and should be complementary to physical exercise, but they are very effective in relieving muscle tension, small contractures, or occasional overloads. Especially in the current situation, since we do not have the hands of a professional who, for now, only attends to patients by video call.
  • Why is it useful? The heat and the stimulation with light pressure with the fingers stimulate the blood circulation, serve as analgesics, since they act on the sensory nerve endings, and decrease the viscosity of the ligament and tendon tissue in joint injuries so that elasticity is gained.
  • Also: Muscle massagers can be combined with cold therapy (cryotherapy vs. thermotherapy). Because it is advisable to use ice first in case of inflammation. The contrast between cold and heat stimulates blood circulation, so nutrients are sent to the muscles for faster recovery. They also help fight cellulite, providing firmer, and more even skin.
  • Contraindications: Despite the obvious benefits of muscle massagers, there are some cases in which their use is not recommended: inflammation and acute infections; recent trauma; unconsolidated fractures; open wounds; muscle breaks; tumors; skin infections, and thrombosis.
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