Top 15 Massagers for Pain Relief & Stress Reduction

Top 15 Massagers for Pain Relief & Stress Reduction

May 18, 2020

Massage tools and our daily physical exercise

Massage tools are an optimal complement to muscle pain caused by excessive activity or daily inactivity. In the absence of a physical therapist, muscle massagers help us recover from possible injuries. 

A probability that has undoubtedly increased after eight weeks of confinement. Our lifestyle habits have changed radically and the drastic reduction in physical activity is a serious damage to our health.

Both those who have teleworked daily from home, perhaps without the ergonomic guarantees that the law establishes in the offices, as well as all young people, adults and the elderly ( whether they are athletes or not) who have neglected their sports and physical practices during the COVID crisis -19, has suffered muscle pain in the back, lumbar, neck and shoulders. In fact, according to the Association of Physiotherapists, only 5% of the population between 25 and 64 is free of this pathology, which up to 20% can be chronic.

Attempts to keep the body musculature strengthened with exercises at home are not enough compared to our usual routine. Similarly, running on the street with too much momentum after weeks of almost no activity can cause musculoskeletal pain.

With the current delay in health care, we cannot go to our physical therapist easily, so the use of heat and/or electric massagers is a great support. Not only while recovering normality, having one on hand always brings multiple benefits. In the following guide, we give you the keys that make this product an essential for our health and we show you the massagers on the market that offer greater benefits, suitable for all types of pockets and needs.



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What do we know about muscle massagers? 

  • What is a muscle massager? It is an electrical device that, through vibration, rotation of rollers and heat, exerts a calming and stimulating effect on parts of the body affected by tension or pain.
  • How does it work? The heat produces a dilation of the blood vessels, thus facilitating the circulation of the blood and accelerating the recovery, since it improves the oxygenation of the blood. The massage that imitates the traditional finger pressure stimulates muscular action, so it also improves lymphatic and venous circulation. Besides, it relieves muscle fatigue, due to excessive exercise, bad postures, stress ... and relaxes.
  • When to use it? In cases of pain, tension, or slight contractures it is recommended to set a pleasant temperature, between 34 and 36 degrees, without burning. It depends on the sensitivity of the skin, but most massagers are designed not to burn. We must not exceed 20 minutes in the application.
  • Where to use it? Muscle massagers are not a substitute for medical treatment and should be complementary to physical exercise, but they are very effective in relieving muscle tension, small contractures or occasional overloads . Especially in the current situation, since we do not have the hands of a professional who, for now, only attend to patients by video call.
  • Why is it useful? The heat and the stimulation with light pressure with the fingers stimulate the blood circulation, serve as analgesics, since they act on the sensory nerve endings, and decrease the viscosity of the ligament and tendon tissue in joint injuries, so that elasticity is gained.
  • Also: Muscle massagers can be combined with cold therapy (cryotherapy vs. thermotherapy). Because it is advisable to use ice first in case of inflammation. The contrast between cold and heat stimulates blood circulation, so nutrients are sent to the muscles for faster recovery. They also help fight cellulite, providing firmer, and more even skin.
  • Contraindications: Despite the obvious benefits of muscle massagers, there are some cases in which their use is not recommended: inflammation and acute infections; recent trauma; unconsolidated fractures; open wounds; muscle breaks; tumors; skin infections and thrombosis.


 Electric Heating Massage Pad

massage pad

  • Price: € 22.99

For our grandmothers, the electric blanket was already a discovery, as it is more effective than home remedies or traditional boiling water bags. The Maxkare heating pad is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It has a length of 30x60 centimeters and is ergonomic, since it adapts to any area of ​​the body, since its internal wiring is dense and flexible.

It is made of flannel and can be washed in the washing machine. It offers up to six temperature options that reach in seconds and, after an hour and a half on, automatically turns off.



Multifunctional Neck Massager

neck massager

  • Price: € 31.99

With the design headband headphones, this neck massager Scobuty works based on low-frequency electrical pulses, so that manages to relieve fatigue, reduce inflammation, loosen and relax the muscles of the neck. You can always carry it with you, because it folds into three pieces comfortably.

It has 15 intensity options and four pulse modes: hammer, kneading manipulation, acupuncture, and automatic. It is wireless, so you do not have to depend on plugs, and it incorporates two other additional massage electrodes.



Waterproof Head Massager

head massager

  • Price: € 35.99

It does not weigh a kilo, just 650 grams. And although its design prioritizes attention to the scalp, it is also recommended for precise treatment on the neck, shoulders, arms, feet, and calves. Furthermore, many users have applied it to their pets, as a relaxing or hygienic effect.

Wireless, with full charge in three hours, four massage modes (left, right, high and low intensity), manageable with a single button, adds a fundamental characteristic: made with IPX7 materials tested in water, they allow use on the head and the body under the shower.



Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager

tissue percussion massager

  • Price: € 21.99

If the discomfort goes beyond the cervical, the Nursal hand muscle massager is very practical to use in other areas sensitive to fatigue, such as feet, calves, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, arms, and hands.

The intensity of percussion massage is controlled by a speed wheel and includes four interchangeable nodes: one spherical to reduce stress; another one with a double sphere that achieves a deeper massage; a third with four spheres to reactivate blood circulation and a last one that simulates the pressure of the acupressure or Thai massage.


Hand Percussion Massager

hand percussion massager

  • Price: € 36.99

At first, the design of the Naipo hand percussion muscle massager may be disturbing, but this device offers multiple advantages. It works wirelessly, is ergonomic and wireless and with a single charge lasts between 4 and 12 sessions, depending on speed.

After 20 minutes of use, it automatically turns off, so we never forget the time recommended by the experts. Besides, it is quiet, despite its dynamic engine. It includes five different heads: the node that provides a percussion massage; another in the style of acupressure; a curved node for arms, shoulders, calves, and thighs; another head to reach deep tissues; and one last of three round pumps.


In summary, these five types of massages are helping you easily to relieve tired and sore muscles, improve circulation, and promote muscle recovery.



Abox Massage Gun

abox massage gun

  • Price: € 99.99

Nor is it the most elegant massage gun on the market, but it is included in the Amazon's Choice favorites list. The ABOX massage gun is ideal for athletes: in addition to relieving muscle stiffness and pain and accelerating its improvement, like other devices, it is also designed to loosen or recover muscles before and after training sessions.

It allows up to 20 speeds with 3,200 percussions per minute depending on the muscle group and includes four massage heads: round, conical, mushroom, and u-shaped, also adapted to the areas of the body and its modeling. Of course, it is advisable not to use it directly on the spine or on your vertebrae.

It works with a battery that for between 2.5 and 4 hours and its motor incorporates noise reduction.



Electric Pain-relieving Massager

pain-relieving massager

  • Price: € 30.99

As manageable as a pillow, that's right, but improved. The Areal massage cushion is included in the Amazon's Choice favorites list, because it is a quality-price product that satisfies multiple clients.

In addition to the quickly achievable heat function, it includes four shiatsu massage- style 3D kneading rotary heads, with different adjustable speeds and directions of rotation.

It is ideal for different parts of the body, not only on the back, such as the abdomen, feet, legs, arms, waist, and neck, since its memory foam adapts to the body. It is easy to use and its small size makes it optimal for use outside the home: its velcro back strap allows it to be attached to seats or chairs.



Everyfun Massage Gun

massage gun amazon

  • Price: $229.00

With its easy to carry hard case, you can effortlessly bring this hand massager when you need to work long hours at the office or even when you are travelling to your favorite vacation destination. They are lightweight and compact making it easy for you to bring this along when you are traveling. Carry the kit during workout and relieve muscle stress right after your exercise.

Choose from its 5-speed adjustment system and ease your muscles for the activity ahead. Speed 1 is used to wakeup your muscles, while speed 2 is for fascia release. Choose speed 3 to eliminate lactic acid or speed 4 for a deep tissue massage. If you need to relax after an extreme muscle activity, choose speed 5 for muscle recovery.

It's very cost-effective compare to other massage tools because you own one, you have four different tools.This vibration massager is equipped with 4 different massage heads. Each massage head is designed for different parts of the body; the fork massage head is designed for the spine; the flat head, for any part of the body; bullet one, for your joints while the round head is used for large muscle group.

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Massage Pillow 

massage pillow

  • Price: € 39.99

Another option of massage cushion from the Naipo range, the brand par excellence in the massage and wellness sector. This device costs a few euros more, because the shiatsu massage with eight rotating heads adds the infrared heat function. Thus, its action on the muscle is deeper and speeds recovery.

Also, it automatically turns off after 20 minutes, the recommended time of use by experts. It also works without heat and when pressed for three seconds, the massager turns itself off.



Naipo - Electric Neck and Shoulder Massager

neck and shoulder massager

  • Price: € 49.99

The Naipo ergonomic massager threatens to push relaxation to the limits of sleep. Therefore, after 20 minutes it automatically turns off. Its eight shiatsu massage and kneading heads are put into action in unison, on the neck and shoulders. Besides, with the adjustable handles you can reach every last knot of tension.

Both for the thermotherapy option, as well as for its intensity and speed adjustments, as well as its leather and polyurethane construction, ensure full comfort. And the ease of use allows you to convert it to the back, belly, buttocks, calf, or thighs with bidirectional rotation. A simple device, but very complete, since it is included in the Amazon's Choice favorites list, given the excellent results among those who have tried it and its affordable price.



FIT KING- Foot and Leg Massager

foot and leg massager

  • Price: € 89.99

It would be a luxury if we did not talk about health, as those who suffer from knees well know. The heat massage with two intensities focused on that joint is one of the 10 techniques offered by this Fit King massager for legs and feet, ideal for muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation.

Varicose veins, restless legs, edema in the leg, ankle, and foot ... and, opposite, this massager as an antidote. Adjustable depending on the diameter of the limb, with larger 2x2 airbags inside to cover the entire surface and portable (home, office, car). Its automatic shutdown after 15 minutes gives you extra security for the elderly, a group especially affected in the legs and knees.



Carevas foot massager

foot massager

  • Price: € 129.99

Those who work daily will appreciate using the Carevas foot massager, as it guarantees a professional massage. This device divides the foot into three sections (toes, arch, and heels) and combines six techniques: warm-up, shiatsu, kneading, rolling, acupressure, and air compression. It offers the possibility of selecting them separately or in combination, with up to five massage intensities, and the heat in the feet is constantly maintained.

It is removable, its cover is breathable and washable and it also works with a remote control. As simple as turning it on and settling to eliminate fatigue and improve our metabolism, with all the benefits of reflexology. However, its use is not recommended for acute patients, people with heart disease or steoporosis .



CAREVAS Foot Spa Massager

foot spa massager

  • Price: € 54.69

There will be those who prefer to see minnows prowling the feet, what is called ichthyotherapy, but also for them, or reluctant or classic people, this Carevas hydrotherapy massager is recommended. It has 14 mobile rollers that give to share with the family, since its diameter, about 40 centimeters, allows use regardless of which foot each fits. Relieves fatigue, improves body temperature, and relaxes.

This device is multiplied by four: heating, massage, air bubbles, and anti-fatigue infrared functions. The process is simple: put the water on, the massager will heat it to the selected temperature ... and swim happily. It is easy to handle and can be used with bath salts or essential oils.



 Shiatsu Back Massager

back massager

  • Price: € 87.43

From head to thighs, to counteract stress; with shiatsu technique to relieve the back, to unload the hips, shoulders, legs ... Overhead squeaks in the spine and this padded Aront seat, made of leather, waterproof and breathable, which simulates professional human massage, with its four nodes of spiral function, acts on the entire body surface to finish protecting the spine.

Each of its characteristics underscores its usefulness. Vibration enhances circulation; heat function relieves pressure from treatment; its three programs allow focusing on the complete back, high and low; it has three intensity levels and a timer ... Besides, the integrated straps make it adaptable to each chair, from home to car, and the money-back is guaranteed for up to 30 days, so you can try it without obligation.



SNAILAX Thermal Massage Mattress 

vibrating massager

  • Price: € 78.99

Beyond shiatsu (this product escapes that cataloging), there is also health and pleasure, full-length. Or by parts: this thermal pad with vibration allows specific applications in four areas, in addition to five variants of heated massage.

The Snailax massage mattress, made of 100% polyester plush and with 10 vibrating motors, adjusts to an optional warm-up, which guarantees a soft temperature for muscle discomfort and fatigue, while promoting blood circulation.

And not only, but it also offers another Luxury version, designed with soft polyurethane memory foam and a memory foam pillow, so that the feeling of comfort is unmatched.


With the rapid development of society, Massagers have become a trend. It can quickly integrate into people's fast life style and save people a lot of their precious time and effort.

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