FAQs of Massage Gun

Q1: How Does The Massage Gun Work?

A: Everyfun massage gun relaxes fascia and stiff and tense muscles with deep and powerful vibration stimulation, relaxes the tight soft tissues, promotes blood circulation, and quickly defeats the lactic acid produced after exercise, which greatly shortens the muscle recovery time. At the same time, it can cure painful aches, reduce muscle adhesion, ease tissue inflammation, accelerate wound healing, and prevent sports injuries.

Q2: Can I Replace The Battery? How To Use The Battery Correctly? How Long Is The Battery Life?

A: Everyfun uses imported high-quality LG batteries. One-piece T-shaped closed body. Do not disassemble or replace the battery without the help of a technician. The running time is up to 10 hours after a full charge. Please note the followings to prolong battery life:

  1. Before first use, please charge for 4 hours to fully charge the battery.
  2. When the battery runs 90% power, it needs to be recharged.
  3. When not using the product, please fully charge it.

Q3: The Massage Guns In The Market All Look Similar. How Do I Compare The Forces That Impact Deeper Organizations? What Is The Amplitude? What Is The Amplitude Depth?

A: Everyfun is an excellent deep tissue massage gun. It is equipped with a dual-bearing rotating structure to bring strong and surging power. The 3200 rpm/min high-speed impact can penetrate 12mm deep muscle groups and quickly break down the lactic acid produced after the exercise, giving you a comfortable experience directly at the depth of the flesh.

Q4: What Is The Correct Way To Insert The Accessory Into The Gun? What Are The Recommendations For Different Attachments?

A: Everyfun provides 5 professional massage heads to provide matching for different parts. You can pick up the corresponding massage heads according to your own needs. The correct installation method of the massage head: pull out/install the head while rotating the massage head slightly to pull out/install, do not pull/install directly. For specific usage suggestions, please refer to our user manual.

Q5: How Many Speed Options Does The Massage Gun Have? How Do I Choose The Speed Correctly?

A: Everyfun has 5-speed frequency conversion vibrations to meet the massage needs of different people. Level 1 gear is for muscle arousal. Level 2 is for Fascia to relaxes. Level 3 is to decompose lactic acid. Level 4 is for deep massage. Level 5 is the professional mode for sports fans. For specific usage suggestions, please refer to our user manual.

Q6: I Can't Stand The Noisy Sound, What Is The Noise/mute Level Of This Massage Gun?

A: Everyfun massage gun uses a brushless noise reduction motor equipped with a new generation of noise reduction technology to control the noise within 45 decibels. Immerse the body and mind almost in silence and enjoy the peaceful moment of relaxation.

Q7: Does This Massage Gun Have A Timing Function?

A: Everyfun massage gun is equipped with intelligent timing protection. It will automatically stop after 10 minutes of continuous use to ensure the safety of the human body and give scientific and thoughtful protection.

Q8: How Often Should I Use A Massage Gun?

A: It depends on your personal situation. Use everyfun massage gun before exercise to warm up and activate muscle vitality. Using everyfun massage gun during exercise can relax tense muscles. Use everyfun massage gun after exercise, you can deeply enjoy massage and relax, get rid of fatigue and soreness, and quickly restore vitality.

Q9: Does The Massage Gun Come With A Suitcase? How Heavy? Is It Easy To Carry?

A: Everyfun massage gun is equipped with a beautiful waterproof suitcase. All products with an outer box weight of 2.31 pounds. You can take it anywhere and enjoy a new professional massage experience anytime.

Q10: After Purchasing This Product, It No Longer Works. What Is The Return Policy? How Should I Contact The Manufacturer For Warranty Repair/replacement?

A: Within one year from the date of purchase, if the product fails due to defects in the material or design process within one year, we will replace new products or repair them for you free of charge. If there is anything else we could do for you, please feel free to contact us: marketing@everyfun.com.