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May 08, 2020

Today it is very common to suffer stress, taking into account the fast pace that life demands of us today. Stress is an evil that must be stopped as soon as possible because it can cause disease and age. Keep in mind that apart from stress, we have all suffered from annoying muscle aches in different parts of the body, most of them back that change your mood. Many people routinely resolve these problems by exercising regularly, stretching muscles, and taking a bath in the tub. Others also go to the physical therapist and even the doctor. To help solve muscle problems or stress, there are massage tools that will be your perfect complement.


What is a massage gun?

handheld massage gun

 At first glance, it may look like an electric drill (and sound like one), but massage guns like Theragun, TimTam, and other popular brands are actually the most desired muscle recovery tool.

Their popularity has skyrocketed thanks to professional athletes wearing them publicly, as well as viral Instagram videos showing the fascinating effect of the rubber mallet of the massage gun on the skin.

Let's face it, many of us would jump on the bandwagon and buy massage guns just to see celebrities and influencers enjoy them, but there is a huge barrier to entry: price. Theragun, one of the leaders in the field of percussion therapy, costs around $ 600. Which brings us to the question: are these devices really worth it?

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What do massage guns do?

The benefits of having a muscle massager at home are different. We went from reducing pain to reducing anxiety and its symptoms, such as insomnia.

Massage guns offer what is known as percussion or vibration therapy. This type of massage provides quick bursts of pressure on the body's muscle tissue as your head swings from side to side. Masseurs have traditionally used a series of light blows from the hands or wrists to the muscle group to obtain this effect. However, massage guns allow athletes to reap the same benefits, but in the comfort of their own homes (and without the need to routinely pay for luxury spa services). And unlike myofascial massage tools such as foam rollers, which can produce similar results, massage guns can target a specific problem area. For those who find foam rollers uncomfortable or overly manual, massage guns offer a more streamlined and automatic solution.

Percussion therapy does not completely eliminate muscle pain. But what it does is increase blood flow to a specific muscle area, which can help reduce inflammation and muscle tension and break those pesky knots that seem to linger after hard training. Massage guns are also used before intense workouts to help warm up muscles before activity.


Do massage guns really work?

As percussion therapy becomes more popular, more studies are published about its benefits and possible limitations. A 2014 study suggested that vibration therapy and massage (which are part of percussion therapy) are equally effective methods of preventing DOMS, late-onset muscle pain, meaning you're less likely to feel muscle pain. or tightness 24 to 72 hours after intense training

Tapotement, the Swedish massage technique using the same principle (but without the device), has also been shown to improve athletes' agility and overall performance with just five minutes of treatment.

Although the scientific signs seem to point in favor of these devices, it 's important to note that there isn't much research on massage guns specifically, as well as the vibration and amplitude of the percussion therapy they offer.

However, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support the idea that massage guns do help. Theragun, for example, was developed by Jason S. Wersland , a chiropractor who created the device to help him with his own rehabilitation after a motorcycle accident. Wersland set out to create a massage tool to help alleviate pain with its use of high frequency and amplitude. According to Wersland, since its inception, other health professionals have opted for Theragun. "I have dozens of doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors around the world who say that this changes the way they practice their profession," he says.

And Daniel Giordano, a physical therapist and co-founder of Bespoke Treatments, also supports the device and calls massage guns like Theragun "an absolute change in rehabilitation and sports performance."

  • Pain reduction

Of course, the main benefit of an electric massager is reducing pain on the affected part.

By stimulating circulation and relaxing stiff muscles, it is shown that there is a reduction in pain in the short term.

  • Improved circulation

Often massage is used to improve circulation. In this way, it is possible to increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells.

  • Increased mood and decreased stress and anxiety

Massage releases endorphins that relax the nervous system and increase serotonin. In addition, back massage in addition to reducing muscle stress can also reduce anxiety.

  • Better sleep

Regular massages can help improve sleep quality. Women suffering from insomnia due to menopause have reported a noticeable improvement in their condition after massage.

These are some of the benefits of a massage on our body.

In fact, massage therapy seems to be of general importance to people's physical and mental state, and it also affects posture and the immune system.


Are there affordable massage guns?

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun ($ 199.99 )

scar tissue massage tool

More than 4,000 Amazon buyers have rated this affordable massage gun with a 4.8 out of 5-star rating. This device comes with a variety of heads and three different speed levels so you can customize your massage based on the target area. A safety timer will automatically turn off the device to ensure it doesn't overwork your muscles.


Sylphim Massage Gun ($ 99.99 )

head massage tool

One of the most affordable and highly-rated massage guns we've ever seen on Amazon comes from Sylphim. This iteration comes with another impressive 4.8-star rating. It has a quiet design that is ideal for gyms and other public training spaces. But most importantly, don't skimp on quality.

One reviewer writes: “I bought this for my husband, who frequently complains of pain in his elbow and shoulder from tennis. He used it after a particularly intense workout (weight lifting) and you would think this is the best massage he has ever received! ”


Everyfun Massage Gun ($229.00)

everyfun massage gun

Percussion massage gun muscle deep relaxation, relying on massager therapy to aid muscle recovery. Used to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness. Deep tissue massage gun can help you release tension and stress, relief of massagers for neck and back, sore shoulder, backache. Massage device also to muscle pains by releasing trigger points.

Upgraded Version, Percussion muscle massager pulse adopts high-quality motor, has ultra-strong heat dissipation function, no crash, it can run for a long time and would not stop working because the movement is overheated; At the same time, the high-precision mold makes the machine head and the body tightly connected, the noise in the process of running can be effectively reduced by smooth sliding.

4 Replaceable Heads & 5 Speed Level. Massagers handheld 4 different shaped massage heads to help relax massager for neck and back different body parts, meeting various demands.Massager handheld 5-speed adjustment, you can choose that you fit.effectively reduce muscle stiffness and sore pain, increasing blood circulation.


DamKee Professional Massage Gun ($ 169.99 )

bongers massage tool

DamKee's professional massage gun goes beyond duty when it comes to customization. This massage gun is designed with 20 different adjustable speeds as well as six massage heads, giving you 120 different massage options. And while this top-notch massage gun is typically priced at $ 189.99, the DamKee is currently for sale.


Mebak 3 Massage Gun ($ 149.99 )

phoenix massage gun

The Mebak 3 massage gun has reached the holy grail status of Amazon products, receiving a perfect 5-star rating from customers. As one satisfied customer notes: “This massager exceeded my expectations and has significantly reduced the amount of pain in my knee. With the different accessories and the guide, it has really helped me to target different parts of the body. ”

The weapon comes with seven different massage heads, as well as a carrying case.


Naipo Electric Hand Massager ($ 59.99 )


Naipo Portable Handheld Electric Massager Percussion Infrared and Vibration Function Speed ​​Adjustment to Relax Neck Muscles Shoulders Back Legs

The Naipo electric percussion massager has the characteristic of being the size of a palm.

This means that you can simply move around the various areas that you want to relax in a moment.

The peculiarity of this hand massager, compared to other similar electrics, is that it has 5 different interchangeable heads that perform different massages, going from acupuncture to Shiatsu.

The intensity of the massage is adjustable, reaching up to 2600 rpm.

This massager also has the heat function, further reducing stress and turning it off after 15 minutes of use.


Trigger Point Performance Grid STK  ($ 31.49 )

massage gun amazon

Trigger Point Performance Grid STK - Relaxation Bar, Orange, Size

This foam hand roller is ideal for your legs if you suffer from this pathology or for runners after training.

It is very useful for after a training session and is valid for any area of ​​the body. By toning the area to be treated, it will avoid even those annoying stitches and perfectly undo those annoying contractures.

Being waterproof, it can be used in a hot bath when muscles are warm.

Physiotherapists advise using this tool on the outside of the thigh to stretch the iliotibial band and incidentally help prevent injury.

Its handles are very ergonomic made of non-slip rubber.


Donnerberg Back and Cervical Massager ($ 39.99 )

how to use massage gun

Donnerberg Neck and Back Massager with thermotherapy Cervical and Shoulder Massage 7 years warranty Original German Brand Relieves stress Contractures and massages all body parts from home/car/office

The German-made Donnerberg electric massager is the best in terms of quality.

Shiatsu massage is very effective thanks to the  8 heads, the 3-speed modes, and the 2 adjustable rotation directions.

The massage points on the device do not appear to be too aggressive on the vertebrae and bones in general, unlike other models, where it is sometimes necessary to use a towel. In this way, contractures and related pain can be alleviated with greater delicacy and quality.

It has vibration, another feature, to relax the muscles more effectively.


Tips to keep in mind when giving your massage

  • -If you want to massage your legs, the idea is to use a foam roller that will allow you to exert pressure most comfortably.
  • -The stretches are very good as an addition to the function of your massager. They lengthen the muscles.
  • -When you are using your massager, do it relaxed because otherwise, the massage will not affect you.
  • -If the message includes a balm or lotion it will be even more effective
  • -There are what are called activation points or contractures, They are knots that form in the muscles, and that is the source of pain. They are sensitive to touch and are harder than the rest of the area. If you massage those areas, you will reduce your pain.
  • -Keep in mind that a hot muscle works much better. It will be less difficult to undo contractures. If you can take a warm shower or have an infrared lamp to heat the area, it will be very good before massaging.


Features to consider in electric massagers

Knowing the dimensions of the appliance is very important for its storage at home. The shape of the massager is also elementary because of the ergonomics that they have to facilitate the massage through its use or the ability to wrap the massage area depending on the type of device.

The best electric leg and cervical massagers are those of the mango type, they are also very good for the back. The wraparound ones, on the other hand, maybe more comfortable for the spine, but they are not sure to be suitable for other areas such as the neck.

There are characteristics to consider, related to the type of massage, before buying an electric massager.


  • Shiatsu:  If you are trying to replicate this type of Japanese massage, you should make sure that the device has this feature.
  • Vibration: Some devices offer this additional feature that can give you even more relief.
  • Speed:  Probably not every day you will feel the same degree of intensity of pain or stress. The fact that an electric massager offers the possibility to vary the speed will allow you to use it in various situations, whether you are in severe pain or just want to relax.

One way to determine the actual duration of the massage is through the automatic shutdown option. Generally set to 15/20 minutes. This also prevents the possible overheating of the massager.

Whether or not an electric massager is portable can make a big difference.

If you can only use it through the power supply, you should know the length of the cable (generally less than 2 meters), and in that case, you may need an extension cable.

If it is portable and battery-powered, you can use it in different life situations, even just while traveling, at work, but also home in any situation.

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