Brand story

Everyfun Brand Story


Exercising is a fun healthy activity that is gaining more and more popularity and bringing us new ways to work our muscles every day. It makes us stronger, healthier; some say even happier. Our goals and achievements are often tied to body goals, and we feel great when we see the progress we make through our efforts. But it comes with unpleasantries too. The aftermath can leave us experiencing excruciating pain and a high degree of discomfort, that can hinder and even put off some of our daily routines and habits.

That’s why we created “Everyfun”. We want you to experience only the joy and benefits of exercising and not the painful aftermath. We came up with a massage device that is meant to recover your body after exercise. It will bring back your energy, take your pain away, and allow you to get up and move again.

 We’re a family made of great technical designers and product development experts that is investing all their heart and soul into innovating and making your active lives more comfortable.


Jason Zhang, Founder