Everyfun Muscle Massage Gun Brushless Motor For Fitness - Black - M3 Pro

Muscle Massage Gun Specification:

  • 2500mah Lithium Battery 
  • Up To 10 Hours Of Use Per Charge
  • 5 Replacement Massage Heads 
  • 5-speed Levels 
  • Brushless High-torque Quiet Motor
  • Easy To Take With You On The Go 
  • Handheld Device

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Why Need Everyfun M3pro Percussion Massage Gun?

Everyfun M3 Pro professional-grade deep muscle treatment handheld percussion massage gun helps to reduce muscle soreness, improve mobility, and increase relaxation. Everyfun M3 Pro massage gun is the advanced, professional-grade recovery tool designed by the physical therapist for pro athletes and everyday people worldwide.M3 Pro Powerful deep muscle treatment tool helps you recover quickly, and better enjoy the fun of sports.

Why Choose Everyfun M3 Pro Muscle Massage Device

Depth, speed, and force are key to any deep muscle treatment. The 12MM amplitude, high-speed powerful motor, and power battery cells provide you a deep tissue massage to increase circulation, release tension and soreness and enhance performance. Rejuvenating sore tissue and aching muscles after the workout.5-speed settings for different massage intensities and 5 massage heads for precisely target specific body parts and muscle groups.

What our community say about us

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I was looking at getting the Theragun, but it is quite expensive for the amount of use I am expecting. When I came across this one, I thought I'd give this a shot. The build is very sturdy and the oscillation is well controlled.


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I have had this for a about two weeks now - I wanted a second one so that I did not have to share with others in the family and so that I could keep one in my gym bag. Got this one because it claimed to have a really long battery life - which is great when it mostly lives in my car and I forget to take it in to charge it.


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I sit behind a desk most of the day and often times feel strain in my neck, back and lower arms. I used to treat myself to a chiropractic massage once every few months, but I stopped doing that after Covid came around. I gave this massage gun a try and was pleasantly surprised!


1 year warranty guarantee 

FCC Security Certificate

ROHS  Security Certification


  • Q1: How Does The Massage Gun Work?
    A: Everyfun massage gun relaxes fascia and stiff and tense muscles with deep and powerful vibration stimulation, relaxes the tight soft tissues, promotes blood circulation, and quickly defeats the lactic acid produced after exercise, which greatly shortens the muscle recovery time. At the same time, it can cure painful aches, reduce muscle adhesion, ease tissue inflammation, accelerate wound healing, and prevent sports injuries. 
  • Q2: How Often Should I Use A Massage Gun?
    A: It depends on your personal situation. Use everyfun massage gun before exercise to warm up and activate muscle vitality. Using everyfun massage gun during exercise can relax tense muscles. Use everyfun massage gun after exercise, you can deeply enjoy massage and relax, get rid of fatigue and soreness, and quickly restore vitality.
  • Q3: I Can't Stand The Noisy Sound, What Is The Noise/mute Level Of This Massage Gun? A: Everyfun massage gun uses a brushless noise reduction motor equipped with a new generation of noise reduction technology to control the noise within 45 decibels. Immerse the body and mind almost in silence and enjoy the peaceful moment of relaxation.
  • Q4: After Purchasing This Product, It No Longer Works. What Is The Return Policy? How Should I Contact The Manufacturer For Warranty Repair/replacement? A: Within one year from the date of purchase, if the product fails due to defects in the material or design process within one year, we will replace new products or repair them for you free of charge. If there is anything else we could do for you, please feel free to contact us: marketing@everyfun.com.