Massage Tools: Best Health & Household Massage Gun Brands

Massage Tools: Best Health & Household Massage Gun Brands

May 06, 2020

There is a new product that is succeeding among online buyers, which is muscle massage gun. This device, recommended for athletes, is capable of reducing pain and increasing recovery, here we will introduce a few helpful brands.

Massage gun was a revolution. The machine that we all wanted to be able to self-massage and save on visits to the physio for unloading muscle. After a few years, the market for percussion massagers has evolved a lot, improving models and offering many more options with new brands. The most normal thing is that you have doubts about its operation, benefits, and which is the best option for you ... so in this post we make an analysis of this accessory and we will answer all your questions.


What is a massage gun?


diy massage gun

This device is a massager that emulates a hammer drill designed to treat your muscles and leave you feeling instantly relieved. The device repeatedly hits the body surface you are treating, the vibrations improve the tone of the fascia and promotes recovery in deeper layers.


If you have a percussion therapy device, you can massage yourself and thus relieve tension. It will never replace the work of a professional physical therapist, but it will help you reduce the muscular discomfort that accumulates daily.


How to use a deep muscle tissue massager?

You can be yourself applying some force with the gun in contact with the area you want to treat, or you can ask someone for help if you want a somewhat more relaxing massage.


Depending on your muscular state, it will be a more or less painful massage. The same as if you are going to do a discharge massage to the physiotherapist and you are with more or less stiffness.


Benefits of massage guns

The reason why more and more massage pistols are sold is that they provide many benefits even if their price is high. For starters, by buying a device we can improve our muscle recovery from the comfort of our home, but here are other reasons why you should buy it:

  • It has different accessories for each muscle tissue.
  • It can relax the knots of the muscles.
  • It eliminates lactic acid that causes stiffness.
  • It improves blood circulation in the muscles.
  • It acts on the scar tissue.

In short, the massage gun is based on percussion therapy, according to which the vibrations suppress the sensation of pain and the muscle relaxes, if you search about it you will see that it is nothing new, but this gun allows you to enjoy this therapy in your own house.

 These guns can be used before, during, and after exercise in different ways: 2-3 minutes before training, 10-15 seconds during exercise at breaks, or 20 minutes after sports to treat sore muscles.


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Comparison of electric massage gun brands

These pistols have become famous through specialized sports stores. Their technology is expensive, but they must also apply their commercial margin, so you will be surprised to see that AliExpress pistols cost less than half that in these stores, and it is very easy to find them as you can see here. We have selected our favorites and show them to you below.


Everyfun massage gun

Price: $229.00

best percussion massage gun

·Convenient, portable and travel-friendly - With its easy to carry hard case, you can effortlessly bring this hand massager when you need to work long hours at the office or even when you are traveling to your favorite vacation destination. They are lightweight and compact making it easy for you to bring this along when you travel! Carry the kit during a workout and relieve muscle stress right after your exercise!


Theragun G3

Price: $449.00

magic massage gun


This is the new Theragun model that we are using at home. Previously we had the model with which they started, the feeling of muscle rest after using it was phenomenal but at home it was very noisy. That is why I ended up taking her to the box because at home I was afraid of being annoying the neighbors, since it was at night when we were relaxing on the sofa that we used it.

This year they have launched a new improved model, the Thergun G3 which also has 3 models of different prices and with more or less detailed functions depending on the price range. Ours, the G3 is the intermediate model.


Theragun G3 Advantages

The engine keeps making noise, but it's not annoying. This aspect has improved a lot, in my point of view, it has transformed into a product that you can really use every day because you no longer mind the sound.

The massage offered by Theragun technology reaches a depth of 16 mm. The intensity of the gun and the level of layers at which this massager is able to work, makes it much more effective than other brands with lower powers.

The design is smaller and more comfortable to carry and store than the previous model. It is ergonomic and the weight is manageable.

Availability of different heads to choose different areas to treat.

Theragun app support. Using a pistol of this type is quite intuitive but you do not have to know how to use it. You can use the Theragun app, which is completely free and it will give you guidence on how to use the pistol correctly.

Two powers depending on the needs at all times. In my case, most of the time I settle for low power.

The battery lasts up to 60 minutes per charge. To have a full charge, you need only a few hours.

It helps to work mobility with what can be used before training as a muscle stimulator. The other use is after training, and in my case it is the most frequent.


Theragun 3 drawbacks

You can imagine that with this list of advantages the point that we can highlight is the investment of acquiring a Theragun. Although there is a cheaper version, I have not tested its operation to recommend it and save some money. It seems that the best option in quality/price is the intermediate model, Theragun G3.

To charge the battery, you have to connect the device to the power. It does not have an extra battery that you can simply have ready to replace.



Price: $299.00

muscle massage gun

Surely after Theragun, Hypervolt is the best-known brand of pistols for muscle recovery.


Advantages of the Hypervolt

The price is more competitive than that of the Theragun, saving you an average of € 150, depending on the model.

It is the least noisy electric massage gun I've ever tried. While it is not completely silent, it is the closest thing to it.

Extra battery that allows you to always use the gun, without having to leave the massage halfway to charge it.

Different heads for the treatment of different areas.

3 adjustable intensity levels.

Lightweight allowing easy handling.


Hypervolt drawbacks

The design of the pistol is somewhat more awkward than that of the Theragun. It is not ergonomic, the power buttons are located on the bottom of the handle, which is quite wide as it is the place where the battery is located. The buttons of the powers and on-off are not as accessible as those of the Theragun.


Phoenix A2: leading sales massager

Price: $129.00


phoenix massage gun

The Phoenix A2 massage gun is one of the best sellers. And this massage device is good value for money. It has a patented technology of silent operation (only 40 decibels) although it is powerful and has great performance.

It has 4 accessories to work the different muscle groups. Its 1,500 mAh battery gives it an autonomy of up to 240 minutes and is very light, it only weighs 1.1 Kg. It has 3 adjustable speed levels: 1,800, 2,400 or 3,200 R / min.

Its durability is guaranteed thanks to its high power and speed 24V brushless motor. We can control all the parameters of this gun with the LED light panel located on the back.


Booster: professional massage guns

Price: $199.90

booster massage gun

As we have already said in AliExpress you can find all kinds of massage guns. The Phoenix A2 is a good option for private users who want to try the benefits of these muscle massages without investing a lot of money. But Booster pistols, which you can find here, offer much more at a fairly tight price.

Its best-selling model is this percussive massage gun. Its arm can be rotated up to 90 degrees to adjust the angle and it has up to 6 different speeds to adjust to your needs. It has 4 different heads and with its two 1,500 mAh batteries and fast charging base we will not have to worry about running out of battery.


High-speed massage gun

In this famous Chinese sales platform we can also find many private label products. One of the pistols that we liked is this white label that costs half the Phoenix A2 and with very good benefits.

For starters we like it because it has an LCD screen where you can view the massage settings. Its 2,600 mAh battery offers an autonomy of 5 hours of massage. It can be regulated up to 20 speeds with a maximum of 4,000 R / min and has 4 massage heads. As you can see, it is a very complete and cheap pistol.


Subtotal: cheap massage guns

Lastly, if you're looking for cheap options, Suboton pistols are fairly priced. They can all be found in their official store, which you can access from here.

One of their best selling pistols is this one you see below. As you can see, it has a power cable so you will not have to worry about the battery. With a power of 710W, it has 6 adjustable speed levels up to 3,000 R / min. It has 6 different heads and only weighs 1.1 kg so it is quite manageable.


Our opinion on these massage guns and how to save money on your purchases.

These massage guns seem to us the perfect complement for any athlete. If you do intensive training and you tend to have stiffness or muscle knots, it can be a great investment. What we like most about massage guns is that they are available for all budgets, from 40 euros you can have a massage gun.


In our selection we have included the best options based on their speed, price and other characteristics, but you can find more massage guns, where you can see all of them by the sales order. It is important to pay close attention to its features and comments from other buyers before choosing.


Besides, this website offers many sales and discount coupons, making it easy to save money on your purchases. If you want to know how to get them or how to buy safely, we recommend reading our tutorials. If you are starting to buy here, our Definitive Guide explains everything you need to know to buy the first time.


And you? Have you already bought one of these massage guns? We would love to hear your opinion, do not hesitate and leave us a comment below with your shopping experience.


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