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Which is the Best Percussion Muscle Massage Tool?

April 30, 2020

 I'd like to introduce the best massage tool to you and it is valid for almost anyone who suffers from muscle discomfort. In-depth comparison and analysis are as follows.


Choosing the Best Muscle Massager for Your Muscle Recovery

 the Best Muscle Massager


I have been doing all kinds of sports for more than 20 years, from traditional body building, I have gone through mountain biking, HIIT, Crossfit (in this I am lately) and I have conducted fitness competitions nationwide.

If something has happened to me over the years, it is that sometimes contusions, injuries and stiffness are inevitable and treatment is usually slow and difficult (physiotherapy sessions, osteopathy, etc.)

Until now, because I have found a perfect product for muscle injuries, stiffness and a high level of performance. A muscle massager that you can apply at home and that is effective.

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Muscle Massagers Introduction

Massage guns are a perfect solution for high, medium, and low-level athletes, and even just to be able to carry out massage sessions at home without the help of anyone.


They have become one of the best massage devices and are increasingly popular due to their good quality and effectiveness ratio.

Massage guns that improve our physical condition, relieve muscle pain and stiffness, improves circulation and range of motion of our muscles as well as speeding up physical recovery.

However, before spending a lot of money on a Massage Gun, I recommend making sure of the best models, as not all of them are of quality and we can easily throw money away if we don't find the right one.

Some of them have value for money that is worth it even if the price is high (we will pay it off in a few sessions) and others are not worth it because of the high price they have, or perhaps they are cheaper massage guns but they are not effective.

So if you are thinking of buying a massage gun to improve training, your physical condition or simply to improve your discomfort, you have come to the right place.

After having tried more than 30 different models, returned to amazon more than 10, and testing them at home with family and friends, I am going to help you with this guide and this website that I have expressly done on what you should look at before buying a Muscle Massage Gun and what are the best value for money, so you do not waste a penny and help you in your goals.


Which Percussion Muscle Massager to Buy in 2020? 

The best thing we can do to start is a comparative table to see at a glance which are the best massage guns of 2020 with their main advantages, disadvantages, and price.

Below I analyze these models and the reason for putting them together as the best muscle massagers, so that you can make a decision and your purchase is safe.

I already tell you that I have only listed the best of all the tested ones, making a distinction among objectives, quality of the massager, and purchase price.



EVERYFUN Massage Gun

everyfun massage tool

✔️CONVENIENT, PORTABLE AND TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - With its easy to carry hard case, you can effortlessly bring this hand massager when you need to work long hours at the office or even when you are travelling to your favorite vacation destination. Everyfun massage gun are lightweight and compact making it easy for you to bring it along when you are traveling. Carry the kit during workout and relieve muscle stress right after your exercise.


Woxter Fit Gun - Muscle Massage Tool, The best high-end massage gun

The Wortex fit gun massager:

 best shoulder massage tool

✔️ We are faced with a powerful handgun that will help you relieve muscle discomfort after training, helps you improve muscle mobility, and increases the blood supply to our entire system.

✔️ Allows 6 interchangeable heads to be used: each head is designed to fit a different area, from the cervicals, joints, spine, back or chest muscles.

✔️ System of heads easy to interchange, they are of the type "remove and put"

✔️ 6 strength modes: you can vary the intensity and strength of the massager from its digital-touch panel, just press a simple button.

✔️ Long-life thanks to its 2400 mah and 24v battery, we can also charge it at home and it will last us for several sessions, keep in mind that the total battery usually lasts about 2 hours without interruption.

If the price is not an obstacle for you, if you are a professional dedicated to massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy ... or it just happens to you like me, who sometimes prefers to always opt for the best even if the price is high, this is your massage gun.


The TheraGun G3PRO massage gun is the top of the massage devices.

 self massage tools

TheraGun G3PRO Percussion Therapy Device

When we decide to buy a massage gun, we can think that the average price is around 100 euros, but when we talk about the top of the range, then we find their gun brand:


✔️ 6 heads that fit every muscle group in the body (from the neck, spine, thighs, and calves), there is no part of the body that this theragun massage gun does not reach.

✔️ Relieve pain wherever you are. Thanks to its charge that takes around 2 hours and that will allow us to use it for 10 hours, we can charge it at home and take it on a trip even without the charger. We can ease the pain wherever we want.

✔️Velocidades4 speeds to work differently. For example we can use the slightest speed to warm up our muscles for sport or to do maintenance or general relief sessions. If we put it to the maximum power, the micro pulses will make the pain you feel go away.

✔️Pulsation speeds up to 3200 rpm and is completely silent, something that other massage guns do not have.

✔️The silicone handle offers a perfect grip to prevent slipping, something that will make it apply perfectly and you can reach yourself even to the back. The weight is around 5 kg but it is not heavy since it will maintain contact with our body.

✔️The Theragun uses an industrial motor to extend a specialized accessory 16mm deep into the muscle at a speed 60% faster than vibration massagers.


Ecisi Portable Muscle Massager with HD LCD Screen

self back massage tools

The best thing about the Ecisi pistol is the price. It is also perfect to test the world of massage guns although it is likely that in a few months we want to change it for having some more benefits. Although as a gift or as I say to try this type of massager it is perfect.

Ecisi [2019 Update Version] Portable Massage Gun with HD LCD Screen, Powerful Deep Tissue Wireless Handheld Massager, Personal Wireless Four Head Massager

High-frequency vibration reduces fatigue, deep massage perfectly relaxes muscles and of course also relieves pain.

It has 4 interchangeable heads for each area that make good contact with our body.

It has the necessary power, does not weigh much, and works great.

✔️ As we have said, the best thing is that the quality-price is extremely good.

✔️ The pulsations are very good, it gets to give very strong, you have to be careful or use oils, it can mark the skin something.

✔️ A good device, very easy to use, great autonomy, and does its job.

We are facing another massage gun of great quality and a price not suitable for everyone, but more than justified.


JEERSONN Massage Gun

self massage stick

JEERSONN Muscle Massager, Personal Handheld Muscle Massage Gun, Portable Massage Device with HD LCD Screen, Deep Tissue Massager for Muscle Strain Relief

✔️It consists of 4 heads that, of course, we can exchange.

✔️These heads with the right speed can relieve pain, help massages, and relieve areas of the body that even with other systems do not allow us to self-manage, such as the back.

✔️It is easy to use, it can work while you load it, but the fact is that you have to have the cable in a certain position, also it is not that the cable is very long, it is made to charge the battery, which is easy to remove with a button on one of the sides.

✔️On the touch screen we can see two numbers, the number on the right is the speed at which we can adjust the jeersonn pistol that goes from 1 to 20 and the left is the battery/power remaining charge that goes by bars.

✔️Bring a carrying case, it protects it a lot, it has a compartment for each point and pistol and it has a small internal net to store something (I recommend some type of mop or rag to clean the heads each time we use it and prolong the life of our massager).

You can do self-massage in some areas, but in my opinion, it is a tool for someone else to do the massage, it is always much more enjoyable.

Massage tools you shouldn't buy:

Not all pistols are good, and if we ask amazon, some sellers do not always comply concerning the quality of the product. So I recommend that you do not buy any of the following massage guns.

Euopat Electric Muscle Massage Gun:

Few scores and many problems. I asked for it for the price, it is around 50 euros, and after 3 weeks it did not work and the sellers do not agree. So it's throwing money away. For about 30 euros more you have a much better range and they give you support and warranty. Don't waste your money with the Euopat pistol.

iAGFTS massage gun:

Another of the worst pistols that we can find, I do not leave the option that you see it on Amazon because I do not recommend it, it also gives problems, and the price is quite high. So I prefer that of this massage gun you do not have the slightest doubt not to buy it.

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